They parlay their individual talents into a combination that inspires trust and confidence.

They say that after getting married and having a baby, buying a home is the next most stressful event in life. Well, selling a home is no day at the beach either. Unless, that is, you happen to know someone who refers you to Derek Chin and Natalie Rome.

Finding the right real estate professional to sell your home isn’t easy. It may be the hardest part. I was fortunate to find Derek and Natalie early on, and during our first interview their knowledge and candor established a comfort zone immediately. They proposed several options regarding pricing and how to market the property, and together we arrived at what seemed the best course of action.

My situation was somewhat unique in that I was a trustee of the property, and there would be ancillary matters that would have to be addressed, such the disposition of the owner’s furniture and valuables and preparing the home for sale. Derek and Natalie were of invaluable assistance in accomplishing these tasks. Then, when it came time to list the property, their marketing strategy paid off in the form of 49 offers–all over ask–in five days. (Your results may vary, as the boilerplate caveat goes, but Derek and Natalie should be the first ones you call.)

Whoever came up with the concept of pairing real estate professionals together must have had Derek and Natalie in mind. Their teamwork, together with the thoughtful guidance each provided throughout selling experience made it both seamless and effortless. They parlay their individual talents into a combination that inspires trust and confidence, not to mention seeing your transaction to a successful conclusion.

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