Truly delivers top-notch service

Look, I rarely write Yelp reviews. Only if someone goes above and beyond and truly delivers top-notch service. Natalie and Derek did that for me.

I am a former real estate agent in SF. I could have represented myself, or selected from any one of dozens of great real estate agents in town. But for my property, I chose Natalie and Derek as my listing agents. Why? They’re the best. They’re pros. They do it all. And, no matter how high the stakes are or how stressful the situation, they treat all parties in a transaction with honesty, kindness, and respect.

Okay, so. My top-floor condo in Mission Dolores was beautiful in many ways but needed a facelift for 2021. Natalie and Derek recommended a $24k remodel and $8k in staging. As an agent, I’d recommend this type of thing to others all the time. Now it was my turn to be on the receiving end. Gulp. But of course, I went for it.

I was out of town, and, after we agreed on what would be done, Natalie, Derek, and their stager managed everything. The handyman, the painters, the inspections, the countertop installers, etc. Then the condo was professionally cleaned, staged, photographed, and marketed online.

Then…well. The tough part. Relations with the neighbors in the 2 other condos in the building were hostile. They tried to undermine the transaction every step of the way, including implied threats of legal action against me (each neighbor was a lawyer, of course!).

Natalie and Derek were my steadfast intermediaries. They helped me see the long game of a successful sale, and let go of my primal urge to fight back. I even, at their encouragement, made small concessions to the neighbors to smooth relations. Not easy for my personal style, but I trusted them, followed their lead, and it worked like a charm!

Open houses, broker tour, and BAM!!! 3 offers. We ended up $250k+ over asking. And this is COVID shocked SF, where demand was sagging.

Yeah, so…if you want an incredible real estate transaction, where even the most turbulent waters are handled with expertise and with grace, look no further. Natalie and Derek are your team. That is…if they don’t already have a waiting list!! ;-)

I still smile thinking about how amazing they were. You will too if you’re lucky enough to work with them.

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