The perfect real estate agent we have ever encountered!

Derek could not have been more professional in all he did for us when we entrusted him to sell our condominium in city. He had an online marketing presence that was far superior to any other high end real estate firm we were considering. He was so patient with all our concerns, questions, and anxiety that goes into the sale of a home. He worked tirelessly with his team of three amazing partners to assure we were pricing our property correctly and making sure the timing of the sale was perfect.  He helped us get the best stager to do our place with the best pricing he could find. He even negotiated on our behalf with the chosen stager to get the best price. He then helped get our place ready, working with the different vendors along side us. Then he communicated with us every few days, updating us on how things were going.

His strategy to sell our home for the most money was simply amazing! It worked! We got three bids above and over the price we asked. We got a 10 day close all cash as well! Our place hadn’t even gone on the market before we had all these offers. I believe total, it took about a week and a half before it sold. He catered an event at sunset one evening before placing it on the market to showcase our property, decks and the views. He also held open houses to let people see what was coming on the market shortly. This was just over the top from our previous experiences, in the way a company usually conducts business in the real estate market. Also he placed our property’s pictures onto the best websites that would market it to sell it the quickest and it worked. His brochures were the best we had ever seen, with floor plans in velum included. He was courteous, respectful, honest, a person of high integrity, high intelligence, patient, kind, understanding, and such a pleasure to work with. We cannot say enough great things about him! He was just the perfect real estate agent we have ever encountered! We are so thankful for this strong, smart man that helped us successfully sell our property!