Natalie and Derek are absolutely top notch.

Words don’t do justice here, but I’ll try…Natalie and Derek are absolutely top notch. I’m speaking from considerable experience as we’ve worked with them on 3 transactions over the last 10 years over a fairly wide price range. You will be hard pressed to find a team that’s more skilled, thoughtful, sophisticated (without being even a bit stuffy), and ultimately successful in getting you the best deal. They have an intimate understanding of the SF real estate market. They are savvy and creative negotiators, finding deal terms that work for both sides, with an intuition for smart pricing and offer strategy. They have a stellar network of vendors who can cover everything — staging, painting, gardening, marketing videos, you name it — at reasonable costs. They’re also great coaches — I think this is an under-appreciated service that good agents provide, as the process can be stressful and sometimes you need someone to just talk you through it and calm your nerves. Best of all, they truly work as a team — one of them is always available, they’re always in synch, and you’re really getting two brilliant agents for one price. We simply can’t recommend them enough!!