I recommend Derek and Natalie to anyone looking to buy

I have been remiss to not write my review for Derek and Natalie sooner. I knew Derek for several years already and had no doubt in my kind who to call once I made up my mind to buy a house. He’s a great guy and I knew his reputation in real estate is superb. Derek gave me a crash course in what I needed to know going in and referred me to his website for reference. He immediately provided me some options for a mortgage broker. I’m happy with the one I selected.

He knew I would be a hard person to shop for so gave me access to a portal to search homes. Meanwhile he knew my requirements and was keeping his eyes and ears open. I found one that I liked and Derek immediately went to work to navigate the process for me and kept me informed and was emphatic with me when I needed to take an action and explained why the action was needed.

The whole process was intimidating and stressful due to timing and he adapted to my buying style and kept things calm which I found that very helpful.

I knew the reality was my first offer might not be accepted and I may have to settle for another house. Derek confirmed that reality check but did say we will do everything possible to present an attractive offer to the seller.

From the moment I called Derek to closing was very fast  and it was during a point when the market was about to hit new highs. I looked at a total of 8 houses over a weekend. The first one was the one I fell in love with and really wanted to make my home. Derek and Natalie helped me make my first and only offer on that first house I saw which ended up being accepted by the seller. I am glad I didn’t have to go through the ordeal of losing a bid and restart the process over and again. The stars aligned for me.

I recommend Derek and Natalie to anyone looking to buy. I’m sure they are just as good for sellers too.