Great to work with them!

I learned about Derek and Natalie through a friend who also purchased successfully in San Francisco. Super glad to have asked about what agent they used!!

I worked mostly with Derek, and it was a whirlwind of learning and excitement the whole time. I felt like we were always on top of new listings coming out, and got to see the whole range of “just good enough” to “dream home” together. Derek had a great sense of the market and what it would take to be competitive. I really appreciated his instinct in feeling out and helping me discover what I really wanted as well. And when the time came to go for it, the speed of execution was really impressive – first showing to offer accepted in the same day, only 6 weeks from when we had first introduced ourselves too!

Afterwards, Derek and Natalie proved to be really helpful resources as well, throughout the closing and move-in process. Great to work with them!