An absolutely magical, almost effortless experience.

I found the home of my dreams 10 years ago. I wasn’t in a position to buy and it wasn’t for sale, but my husband and I would walk by the home almost daily and say to ourselves “There’s our house!” I never imagined that our dream would come true in a truly amazing unfolding of events years later.

A bit of background: Derek was the selling agent when the building we currently live in was sold a few years ago. As renters, we were extremely nervous about the sale as we didn’t want to move out of our beloved flat. Derek worked with us and supported us through the process, and we did get to stay after all. We’ve been in touch as friends ever since.

A week ago, my dream house hit the market. My husband saw the listing online and without skipping a beat I called Derek. 1 sleepless, excitement-filled week and a half later, it’s OURS – and against all odds. As first time buyers, we had no idea what we were doing but he was there every step of the way. We went to all the open houses, and he kept in constant contact regarding his thoughts about the market, the condition of the home, and answered any questions I had (which were abundant and constant – sorry Derek!).

His persistence coupled with our enthusiasm won over other, higher offers. Derek is polished yet warm; his utter confidence in us, his honesty, and his willingness to be there when we needed him made this an absolutely magical, almost effortless experience. Derek brought us home.