Seller Resources

The Truth about Home Pricing

Fair Market Value Neither agents nor sellers determine a property’s market value: Fair market value is determined by that (highest) price a qualified, reasonably knowledgeable buyer is willing to pay at a specific point in time, after the home has been properly exposed to the market.

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Seller Pre-Sale Inspection Reports

The question: Should a Seller should incur the cost of supplying property inspection reports — such as structural pest control inspections and the more general contractor’s inspection performed by a home-inspection specialist – to buyers prior to soliciting offers, part of what is typically called a buyer disclosure package? Though it is true that this […]

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How Home Buyers Find Homes

One of the first steps in designing an effective property marketing campaign is to analyze how buyers typically find the homes they purchase. It only makes sense to focus on those media and those efforts that grab the most eyeballs, generate the biggest response and create the greatest sense of urgency to see your home […]

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Home Selling Process – in Detail

Selling residential real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area is a complicated financial transaction involving many important issues: home preparation, pricing and fair market value, comprehensive marketing across a wide variety of media, buyer profile and buyer qualifying, contract negotiation, showing the property, statutory disclosure of the property’s condition and circumstances, buyer due diligence, […]

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20 Things I Do When Holding Your Home Open

1. Radius-mailing invitation to neighbors for 1st open house 2. Flyer delivery or email announcement to selected agents most likely to be working with buyers for your home (for 1st open house) 3. Alert Paragon agents, my client list and sphere of influence 4. Place ad in the Chronicle’s open house listing section 5. Post […]

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