May 2019

    Greetings All,    Happy May. May I? May we? I was thinking about the idea of comfort zones and achieving dreams. Can you do the latter without the breaking out of the former? Highly doubtful. We see examples of it, every day, if we’re looking.   – Basketball player Kevin Durant leaves a […]

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May 2019 San Francisco Market Report

With April’s end, we now have 2 months of spring season data unaffected by the end of 2018, when financial markets plunged. As of early May 2019, stock markets have recovered to hit new highs, interest rates are far lower than last year’s peak, and our local, unicorn IPOs have begun to roll out after […]

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April 2019

    Greetings All,    Happy Spring to you, Happy Daylight Savings, Happy Hay fever, Happy Spring Cleaning, Happy Giants Opening Day (GO GIANTS!)…May this find you enjoying life and treating travails like so much crabgrass to mow over.   Natalie and I are in the business of listing and selling real estate, naturally. Yet […]

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April 2019 San Francisco Market Report

A substantial portion of Q1 statistics reflect new listings and accepted offers occurring during the mid-winter market doldrums (Thanksgiving to mid-January). In November and December 2018, the stock market plunged drastically from its all-time high in September, and interest rates hit their highest point in years: these factors negatively affected buyer demand. Then both turned […]

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